2013 is certainly a year to celebrate!

It was 75 years ago that an energetic, strong-willed group of folks from right here in southeast Louisiana banded together and developed a plan to bring electricity to the sparsely populated countryside where profit-driven electric utilities refused to serve. All across the region, people living in small towns, villages and farms were denied the modern conveniences provided by electrical power. But the courageous, forward-thinking men and women who formed Dixie Electric Membership Corporation changed that. Because of their tireless efforts and their strong determination to rise above the many challenges that stood in their way, today more than 100,000 DEMCO members enjoy access to safe, affordable, reliable electrical power. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our founders and as we recognize those who have carried on that early vision through the decades and have worked hard to make DEMCO a leader among the nation's member-owned electric cooperatives. Here we have put together a sampling of archived photos, timelines, stories and video interviews with those who have contributed to DEMCO's growth and development in so many ways. As we glance back at the past and look forward to the next 75 years, we are reminded what a privilege and honor it is to serve our members and we remain committed to you. Enjoy!